Yorkshire AR

For members in Yorkshire.

Area Rep: Ian Garner

I have owned 11 Land Rovers and currently have 5 of them. My current fleet is a 1967 109” Series 2A Camper, 1968 88” Station Wagon being restored, 1971 Series 2A 88” Soft top, 1974 Range Rover classic fitted with a Series 3 Stage 1 pick up body and a 2020 Defender D240.

I got my first Land Rover in 2008 when I changed jobs and lost my company car, it was a Freelander TD4 Auto. It was joined a year later by a Land Rover Ninety.

My Land Rovers get used for everything. The Defender is the daily driver so does the usual commuting etc as well as being the tow car for the caravan and car trailer. The others are used for greenlaning, shows, drives out, camping and more recently I started to use my 1971 88” for RTV trails.

Far too many good times with my Land Rovers to narrow it down to a single experience!

Check for corrosion on the chassis and bulkhead. Mechanically everything can be fixed. Be realistic however, it will probably be the slowest, most uncomfortable vehicle you will ever drive, and that’s why we love them.

Contact: yorkshire@series123club.co.uk

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