Rutland AR

For members in and around Rutland.

Area Rep: John Stokes

I currently own a
- 1957 Series 1 109” Trayback, re-imported from Australia in 2018
- 1972 Series III 109” Carawagon, which was restored and rebuilt in 2022
- 2021 New Defender P300 110

I grew up with Land Rovers - my father having Series I, II and IIIs on the farm growing up. And my first car was a 1962 Series IIA 88” Truck Cab which I got in 1985.  I’ve owned Land Rovers ever since. I added a Series I and Series III to ‘complete the set’, and have bought new, a Discovery, Range Rover Sport and New Defender.

I use my New Defender daily, and the Series Land Rovers regularly.  The Series III is the perfect camper vehicle for relaxing trips away, whether for quick weekend break or longer adventures. The Series I is my green-lane machine, farm-vehicle that carries bulk animal feed-stuff, taking garden-waste to the tip, or moving furniture from one location to another etc.

It’s hard to pin-down my best Land Rover experience because there have been so many. My Discovery helped me scape from the Swiss Alps after days of snow and -20C temperatures, my Range Rover Sport helped us escape landslides in the South of France after days of heavy rains, fording the washed-away roads.  The Series Land Rovers are some of the most fun whether camping or green-laning.

To anyone thinking about getting a leaf-sprung Land Rover, I’d advise to go for it.  They’re easy to work on, replacement parts are relatively affordable and easy to find. They’re inexpensive to insure (for >30s), with no tax payable when they’re older than 40 years.  And there’s a friendly community to provide help, give advice and support.  On the negative side, these are slow vehicles that are noisy, lack modern safety features and suffer with comparatively poor performance and fuel economy. But they always bring a smile to the faces of their drivers, passengers and onlookers when trundling along, leaving only the faintest of smoke trails.

Pic with me and my SIII Carawagon, about an hour after I bought it.