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Area Rep: Richard Allin

Land Rover/s Owned? - I currently have a Series 2 SWB, a 2A 109 station wagon and 109 Series 3 ex military.
When did you get your first Land Rover? - Aged 15 I bought a series 3 88 that I roller brushed bright blue and clad out the back with wooden board that came from a food flavourings factory which made it smell of curry.

What do you use your current Land Rover for? Mostly carting around stuff from house renovation work but when I have some spare time I like to use them for some greenlaning and the odd Land Rover show.

What advice would you give to someone wanting get their first Leaf Sprung Land Rover?

They are great but drive a few before you buy just to understand what it’s like behind the wheel. Also speak to as many owners as possible to learn as much as you can before you start looking to buy.


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